Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!

I’ve always wanted to talk about Harry Potter on the show and it’s finally happening! We’re reading the first book, but we’ll probably talk a bit about everything including some weirdo fan theories. Let us know what you want us to include!

Recording 9/17


  1. “Philosopher’s Stone” was changed to “Sorcerer’s Stone” for Americans, what else would you Americanise? Names of sweets? Quidditch rules? Amount of crushing student loans?

  2. Holly Norris says:

    Favorite Harry Potter related phenomenon/spin-off? Potter Puppet Pals (WIZARD SWEARS!), Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts, A Very Potter Musical, you name it….

  3. Sofia says:

    There’s a lot of bonkers Harry Potter fanfic out there…can that feature in the episode somehow? (Because y’all need to suffer at least a little bit. 🙂 )

    1. Joanna Bernat says:

      @Sofia – they did do an episode on the absolute craziest one – My immortal.

      1. Sofia says:

        Oh, I’m aware, but that’s just a drop in the ocean of bad/weird fanfic. Maybe you can look for the worst pairing? I mean, you only learned the phrase “I ship it” like 5 episodes ago–you clearly have not spent enough time on fanfiction.net! 😉

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