RiaW #11: High School Musical


Without giving you the whole song and dance, here are the main problems with Disney’s High School Musical: feeble plot, poor production quality, terrible acting, and a creepy, cult-like feel to the characters and situations. Still, it is without question the most enjoyable movie we’ve watched so far.


  1. Alex Falcone says:

    Editor’s notes:[1] I missed the more obvious “brainleader” in the opening segment. I’m sorry.[2] When Ezra said the musical without a musical hasn’t been done before, he was forgetting about “A Chorus Line.” He’s sorry.[3] Chris decided to go full-gay this episode. He has nothing to be sorry for.

  2. Natalie says:

    Alex and Ezra traded the role Head Pervert this time around.

  3. Natalie says:

    My Main Gay and I saw High School Musical 3 in the theatre strictly because we needed a sexual fantasy refresher.
    Who doesn’t want to peel Zac Efron out of his skinny jeans and pull his hair?

  4. Alex Falcone says:

    You know, Megan mentioned that we were a bit creepy with all our sex talk about these main characters too. But let me defend us: Vanessa Hudgens is 20. Totally way legal. And Zac Efron is hot enough that it wouldn’t matter anyway.

  5. Natalie says:

    just because a girl is legal doesn’t mean it ceases being creepy when you get all “opoh! naked pictures!” thats a creepster move no matter what the age 🙂

  6. Alex Falcone says:

    Really? I thought everybody loved nudity.

  7. Br. Bill says:

    Well, except for the never-nudes.

  8. Alex Falcone says:

    They still love it when other people do it.

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