RiaW #175: Amish Mafia Reviewed


Some things are too good to be true. Fat free ice cream, human space flight, and a show called Amish Mafia. Okay, the first two are kinda real, but Amish Mafia is definitely absolutely 100% fake.

The show (which admits is at least partially “reenactments”) follows Levi (anagram of “evil”!) who is not fully Amish and so is able to enforce Amish law using methods that would probably break it. He and his minions shoot up a car that damaged a buggy, they burn fake Amish furniture, and take bets on illegal barn fights. Also they’re dumb as plows because Amish education ends at 8th grade.

Hillarious comedian Tyler Boeh of LA joins us as we try to figure out what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s an abomination in God’s eyes. In our eyes, it’s all an abomination.


  1. GeoffZoref says:

    I was in Amish country for three months (don’t ask) and most non-Amish Lancaster townies ranged ranged between indifference to outright derision towards the Amish.Now, Reading, PA on the other hand is a scary place, but for pretty much opposite reasons: it may be the most most ghetto city I have ever seen. The entire city is the “bad part” of town.Now, given this, I would watch the shit out of Amish Mafia if the Amish tried to take over Reading, and got shot to death by gangbangers the minute they set foot in the city..

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