RiaW #204: Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters (Movie) Review


When a book is bad, the movie can’t help but be better. It can fix the stupidity of a character, the offensiveness of another character, the glaring plot holes, and most importantly, it can show a giant monster made of lava who falls apart as he walks and then reconstitutes himself.

Percy Jackson is at it again with another confusing quest to save the world from rediculous monsters. In movie #2, he finds himself in the middle of the ocean and, at one point, swalled by a giant spikey anus. Surprise, the evil guy was behind it all and in the end, Percy wins. What an amazing story well told.

The presence of a Centaur and a Satyr means Alex is unhappy but Ezra, always looking on the positive side, made us this image:



  1. kylealden says:

    Pardon while I spend the next eleventy minutes laughing my ass off at the goat.

  2. Rik says:

    This movie is such a pile of shit and I love it so much! I have no patience for the books or the first movie but for some reason I found this one incredibly fun.

  3. Septimus Horan says:

    I mean, the book was a thousand times better than the movie. In the book, half of the movies ending never even happened.

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