RiaW #238: Heaven Is For Real – Movie Review


Over 100 episodes ago, we reviewed this silly little book about a boy who had a particularly vivid dream about heaven that launched a book career for his dad. As the money grab of Heaven Is For Real continues, we have to keep up including their new “major” motion picture.

At 100 minutes, the film feels heavily padded. It takes 40 minutes for the main event to happen, Todd Burpo’s son dreaming about heaven. And then the rest of the movie is Todd deciding whether or not to exploit it. Very little happens, even by the standards of movies we watch. If you don’t believe in heaven before hand, you certainly won’t after the boy provides lots of “impossibly specific proof” of his journey including “It was very beautiful” and Jesus’s horse was “all the colors.” If you’re lucky, it’ll make you not want to have kids.

After watching God’s Not Dead, it’s starting to feel like lazy religious propaganda is one of our specialties. Oops.

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