RiaW #245: #PODCRAWL: Batman Forever


#PODCRAWL is back! This time around we’ve partnered with Bonnie & Maude and Proudly Resents to tackle three Batman sequels from the 90s. Smack dab in the middle is this gem, Batman Forever, AKA a long preview of the Seal’s “Kissed by a Rose” music video.

We’re joined by Alison AKA Instagram’s @taintdog to talk about tap dancing in the Batmobile, Jim Carrey’s pink hair, flight simulators, and so much more! Is this the worst Batman movie? Of course not! That’s Batman & Robin. But it’s pretty bad. Get listening and then check out #PODCRAWL buddies. DO IT NOW!


  1. Tasha Armolavicius says:

    actually directed by Schumacher but produced by Burton
    (I’m the worst person ever)

  2. Alex Falcone says:

    That’s why we said Burton was “watered down”.

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