RiaW #254: Step Up: All In


Chris and Tanya LOVE the Step Up movies. Alex and Stephen do not really care for the Step Up movies. There’s only one way to solve this: dance battle!

Step Up: All In is the fifth (!) movie in the dance battle series. Loosely plotted around some young adults who are sad they don’t get to have fun for a living, the characters and dialogue are just stall tactics between increasingly epic dance numbers. The finale is an everybody-wins feel-good steam-punk dancethon in Las Vegas featuring thousands of pounds of sand AND pyrotechnics. And the good guys win and everything is lovely.

Since this was all for Chris and Tanya, they walk us through the finer points of ice-bucketing your blisters and keeping your elbows clean. If the podcast isn’t good enough for you, we’ll just rehearse some more. 5-6-7-8!


  1. Tanzenlicht says:

    So I missed (and miss this week) Ezra when he was gone and I’m glad he’s kinda sorta like half back. But then when he’s back Tanya is gone and I miss Tanya.Are you guys really sure we can’t just keep her? I know that the intros already take up half the show when it’s just four people, but I don’t care.

  2. Alex Falcone says:

    I know! It’s such a dilemma! 5 people really is too much and if we just made her permanent guest we couldn’t have new guests. What to do??

  3. :( says:

    Broken link. Not stepping up to anything.

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