RiaW #334: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip w/ Caitlin Gill


Aaron Sorkin opens his show with a monologue about how watered down and bad TV has become. Like that monologue, the whole season of Studio 60 is preachy, unfunny, and completely unselfaware.

We live in a golden age of television, so it’s hard to watch Sorkin tell us that everything is bad when we could be watching House of Cards or Deadwood or 30 Rock for crissakes, the perfect version of the crappy thing he did. But the biggest problem is the way women and relationships with women are portrayed. Caitlin Gill, always ready to come on and share her righteous fury with us, has a few things to say about that.


  1. GeoffZoref says:

    Somebody really funny once said that an Aaron Sorkin script reads like the people talking in it sound as though they’ve had two days to think about the conversation and said, “THAT’S WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID!”Elliot Kalin from The Flophouse said that Studio 60 was an inside joke amongst the writers of the Dailey Show because of how badly wrong it gets writers of sketch shows i.e people waiting at the back exit for the writer’s autograph.Btw, Nate Cordry is waaaaay better than in this. Also, there is still a fake Twitter account for both Matt and Danny that continues to this day https://twitter.com/MattAlb

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