RiaW #389: Night Court reviewed


Judge Harry Anderson is a pretty young judge. He’s also sassy and does magic tricks. He’s surrounded by a cast of wacky characters as he passes judgement on the not-at-all sad crimes that pass through his cheap-looking courtroom.

It’s a classic late 80s sitcom and while some love it, some people can’t figure out why others love it. We put together an amazing panel of comedians from LA who were visiting Portland for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and let them puzzle out the ups and downs of this fabled courtroom.

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This week’s episode was sponsored by The Guns Above, the steam punk feminist blimp war novel by Robyn Bennis! Read an excerpt and buy the book at RobynBennis.com.


  1. Michael says:

    The Red Rider character was based on Clayton Moore, who played The Lone Ranger in the original TV series and first couple movies. At the end of the ’70s he was eeking out a living appearing as The Lone Ranger at events and giving away masks to children. The owner of the rights to the character was working on a new movie and sued Moore to stop his appearances. It was a PR nightmare and the movie bombed.I’m a little disappointed you didn’t watch any episodes with Buddy (John Astin, the original Gomez Addams), a recurring character who lived in a local psychiatric center, and originated a great catch phrase. When ever he was asked how he was doing, the answer was something along the lines of “Well, there was that unfortunate incident with the cheese whiz. But I’m feeling much better now”.
    And you really do need to catch some Barney Miller. It was a great series. The hashish episode is one that always stands out in my memory.

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