RiaW #390: The Big Lebowski


When somebody talks about their guilty pleasure, they usually just mean something they like but don’t think is good. A guilty displeasure, on the other hand, usually comes with some actual guilt. Liking Dance Moms makes you quirky. Not liking Nirvana can get you kicked out of a party.

With that, Ezra chose to share his guilty displeasure for cult hit The Big Lebowski. He’s wrong, but very brave.

What are your GDPs? Share ’em in the comments!

We ALSO played ONE CHANGE this week, not with the topic but with our whole show! You lovely listeners suggested small tweaks to the show and we worked as many in as we could. We couldn’t get to all of them so keep sending them in and we’ll keep trying them.


  1. sjt2115 says:

    No cold open this week?

  2. Alex Falcone says:

    We explain later. Do you prefer one way to the other?

  3. sjt2115 says:

    Ok I got to the explanation. Personally I liked the cold opens but apparently I’m in the minority. I thought they were fun.

  4. Alex Falcone says:

    Well, that minority is coming out of the woodwork now that there’s a change. Maybe there’s a poll in our future?

  5. sjt2115 says:

    It sounds like RIAW has reached the stage all podcasts reach eventually: the listener survey. It will just take 5 minutes, I swear.

  6. Alex Falcone says:

    Speaking of which, what’s your average household income and do you do most of the grocery shopping or does somebody else?

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