RiaW #4: Twilight (The Movie)


After finally finishing Twilight (the book), our heroes sit down with their respective girlfriends and watch Twilight (the movie). Although they hate it, they do find a surprising number of non-sarcastic, nice things to say about it.


  1. Alex Falcone says:

    Editor’s Notes[1] The girlfriend situation: Chris/Tanya, Ezra/Sarah, Alex/Megan[2] At one point I said “summary” when I meant “summation.” My apologies to the English language.[3] Still working on the audio quality. I’m really thinking #5 will be much better.

  2. 600 x better? says:

    Alex, I think you mean 600% better.

  3. Alex Falcone says:

    Perhaps I failed to mention this, but I thought the book was VERY bad.

  4. Zach says:

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t tal about the Jim Henson style running effects they employed to demonstrate Edwards “super human” speed and agility. I swaer to god I could see the rail that he was being pulled along.

  5. Kamitosis says:

    you guys ROCK!

  6. Alex Falcone says:

    For what it’s worth, we did discuss a lot of things that didn’t make the final cut because we weren’t funny enough about them. But yes, Zach, we did notice how ridiculous the visual effects were.

  7. Alex Falcone says:

    Holy crap, Ez. That’s incredible.

  8. Christina Studd Abreu says:

    you guys are hilarious thnx for cheering me up

  9. "Melissa" says:

    I took one for the team and went to see this movie with a friend who had to take her teenaged daughter. I’m glad you guys picked up on Bella’s father. J and I both commented that he was hot, and that was also my favorite part of the movie.At the end of the podcast, Alex mentions that it was filmed in the Pacific Northwest and gave us a view of “what seems to be a beautiful part of the country.” Alex… you’ve already said you live in Portland! Why are you pretending you don’t live here? (or do you never leave the city???)This was a fun listen. I hope you guys continue to read/watch trash and keep us entertained.

  10. Kara Nicole Cook says:

    LMAO. you guys are hilariousss

  11. I am Chanel says:

    Holy shit, you guys are so right about Charlie. I fucking loved him in this movie, and, even though he’s about twenty years older than me, I wanted to marry him. 😀

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know, you guys have no taste at all. Twilight the movie and book are great.

  13. Ezra says:

    http://tantusinc.com/mm5/me…Thanks a lot, Internet. Now you too can enjoy a sparkling vampire phallus.

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