RiaW #403: The Blue Lagoon (1980) WET MONTH


Look, if you’re shipwrecked on an island since childhood with just your cousin, then it’s okay to have sex, right? That’s the premise of The Blue Lagoon, the execution of one filmmaker’s cousin-fantasy. Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins are those 14-year-old cousins and they spend most of the movie naked (though they used body doubles, they swear). Despite it being a sex movie, it’s actually pretty boring. And of course, casually racist. But we find a way to enjoy talking about it because it’s wet, and for #WetMonth, that’s all we ask.

Thanks to our newest Meat Buddies Lala from Baltimore, Stacey from San Diego, and GRAY-em Mc-RAY from Palmdale, California!

GET WET STAY WET, everybody.

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