RiaW #412: Moana (2016) #TheRocktober


If you don’t like The Rock as a singing, dancing demigod, go fish. Because that’s what we’ve got in this absolutely delightful Disney animated film. And the movie was so much fun we packed our show with FIVE HOSTS and if that isn’t enough, a special guest appearance for Ezra’s son, AKA the reason Ezra has seen this film hundreds of times.

This is easily one of the most fun episodes we’ve ever done. Golly, I love #TheRocktober.


  1. When you started to name the Disney villain songs I was wondering if you remembered my favorite, but it seems you, like many, have blocked out of your mind the fact that Disney has put a song in which a guy threatens to murder a woman if she doesn’t fuck him in a children’s film:

  2. Alex Falcone says:

    I forgot to mention it but I didn’t forget it’s existence! Oh what an incredible, fucked up song. It’s definitely in my top 5 villain songs I listen to every morning to help me prepare for my day.

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