RiaW #415: Reviewing the Savage Lovecast w/ Myq Kaplan


As we continue to celebrate #Crossovember by chatting with our favorite podcasters, we’re also breaking new ground on the show. We asked comedian Myq Kaplan what he wanted to talk about and he said his favorite podcast (besides ours and his), Savage Lovecast. And even though we’ve never talked about a podcast besides our own, we decided it would be great fun. And it was!

We talked about Dan, his answers, the time Alex wrote to an advice column, and played a new game “The Second Opinion” where re-answered questions written to other advice columns. And then we had the best ending to the podcast ever.

Check out our discussion, check out Myq’s podcast Hang Out With Me, and if you haven’t listen to Savage Lovecast.

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