About the Show

A podcast about movies with a focus on weird, bad, and popular. Each month we pick a theme and our listeners vote on what movies we’ll watch under that theme. We used to do only bad stuff, but we’ve expanded (read more on our complete history). Each week we–host Alex Falcone, co-co-hosts Ezra Fox and Anthony Lopez, and our many guests–talk about the movie and ideas inspired by the movie. Signatures of the show include

  • The Compliment Sandwich: we open and close every show by saying something nice even if we didn’t like the topic
  • Lightning Bonus Round: we play games and answer questions inspired by but not directly about the topic
  • Going on too long
  • Breaking the rule of threes

About the Hosts

Host / Producer

Alex is a comedian and writer based in Portland, OR. He hosts the show, edits it, and is usually the person you’re talking to on Facebook/Twitter. You can see him occasionally on Portlandia and frequently touring as a standup. Check his website for details.

Ezra Fox

Co-host / Father

Ezra (the mustard) is a writer and founding member of RiaW. He appears roughly every-other episode because he has a kid (the sandwich) who is pretty demanding.

Anthony Lopez


Anthony is a comedian and movie buff in Portland, OR. He’s got a strong opinion about everything and enough knowledge to back it up, even when he’s wrong. He was added as a regular co-host to the show in 2017.

Chris & Tanya

Hosts Emeritus

Chris is a founding member of RiaW. Tanya was added when Ezra went on paternity leave. They both retired at the end of 2016 amid a series of earth-shattering scandals, but return from time to time to share their lights with the world.

Support the Show

Do you want to help keep the podcast floating down the tracks? You can!

Sponsor an episode, make a one time donation, or become a Meat Buddy, our loyal recurring donors. All levels come with exclusive member benefits like getting to vote on upcoming topics and… good feelings? Okay, just one exclusive member benefit.

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