RiaW #101: 1st Annual Nicolas Cage Film Festival

July 14, 2011

The Family Man! National Treasure 2! Season of the Witch!

Welcome to the First Annual Nicolas Cage Film Festival. We are here to celebrate the man who can go from deadpan to rage to maniacal laughter in just under five seconds. We have a lot of love for this fearless actor.

Join us as we go Inside the Actor’s Studio, dissect the many, many works that National Treasure 2 stole from, and critique severely flawed evil plans in Season of the Witch.

Also, RIAW superstar Nick Delehanty returns, and he brought his air guitar. It’s about to get awesome.

And because it bears mentioning, we’ll treat you to a rare behind-the-scenes interview with Jack Thomas, Nicolas Cage’s Official Wig Wrangler.


  1. Carl from Alaska says:

    Alex is thinking of the live action ‘Jungle Book’ from 1994.… Good stuff.

  2. Alex Falcone says:

    You’re so right, Carl. Aaron got this to us on Facebook and pointed to this trailer which includes the relevant parts about a minute in.

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