RiaW #327: Gleaming The Cube (1989) Review w/ Sean Jordan

February 03, 2016

Christian Slater’s life is hard. Parents don’t understand, cops don’t understand, and girls, they don’t understand either. But when his brother is murdered, he does what he does best, skateboard about it.

We have great comedian and great skateboarder Sean Jordan on the show to help us understand the intricacies of this 80s skate adventure.


  1. GeoffZoref says:

    I’ve been skating for 20 years, and I can say that this movie knows about skateboarding like I know about…butterflies. Driving Miss Daisy gets skateboarding more than this movie does.”Street Dreams” is a skateboard movie made for and by skateboarders. It’s pretty close to a “skateboard film” with a plot tacked on. I know it would be boring to people who don’t skate, but for me I enjoyed it a lot.P. Rod is certainly a better skater than he is an actor, but Street Dreams gets skating and the culture of skating more right than any feature length movie.Also, the title, I think you’r right about the origin of the name “Gleaming the Cube.” I know it comes from a Thrasher interview, and it comes from the idea of being creative means “thinking outside the box” so much that you can clean the side of the “box,” or “cube. But I think in the end somebody asked for skateboard slang and was trolled by the skater.Yeah, it’s still pretty dumb; perhaps dumber once it’s explained.Btw, I looked at “Day of the Dolphin” and was shocked, to say the least, at some of the cast: George C. Scott and Paul Sorvino.
    George FuC.king Scott.

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