RiaW #21: New Moon (The Movie)


The boys go to sold-out screenings of New Moon to stare at Charlie’s mustache, Alice’s hair, and Edward’s ability to ruin every scene that he’s in. Episode highlights:

  • Excitable old vampires!
  • Vampire discoballs!
  • Steroids!
  • Mechanical bull sex!


  1. M Ana D Gee says:


  2. BLEGH says:

    I love how you begin to talk about logical reasonings of chest hairiness and nipples in Twilight. xD
    I get so confused for a second.

  3. Maria Spilotopoulos says:

    omg i love new moon

  4. Alex Falcone says:

    Yes. We take chest hair very seriously.

  5. Em Orzol says:

    I like how that we are of similar minds. The first thing my friends and I noticed about Edward were his nipples. Even now, whenever we see R.P half-naked, we discuss his nipples.

  6. Alana Orzol says:

    I saw this movie drunk.It was still horrible.

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