RiaW #234: Divergent Movie


When you’re 15ish, you’re torn from your home and forced to choose between being smart, wearing an itchy sweater, or jogging everywhere. Oh no, you can’t decide! You must be… Divergent… the movie.

Our dreams were finally made reality last week when the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s silly dystopian novel Divergent was released. There we were, eagerly sitting in theaters waiting to see the zip lie from the Sear’s Tower, wondering when somebody would take a knife in the eye, when it dawned on us. This movie is boring.

It’s not that it lacks action–there are one or two minutes of fighting and a decent amount of unsafe train boarding–or romance–there’s a creepy teacher/student relationship that lacks chemistry–it’s just that… it’s boring. 2 and a half hours of middle of the road, off-the-shelf dystopia. The only thing different are the rules and there are lots of those.


  1. Ralu says:

    I’ve missed Ezra. I just realized. Funny on man, funny on!

  2. Alex Falcone says:

    What do you mean? Where did he go?

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