RiaW #399: Battlefield Earth (2000) REVISIT


For part three of our Revisit Month, the Meat Buddies chose for us to rewatch Battlefield Earth. The year was 2000 and to celebrate the new willenium, John Travolta made a vanity picture adaptation of the terrible science fiction novel by his friend L. Ron Howard. The movie wasn’t just a huge flop, it was also a huge financial fraud that caused the production company’s bankruptcy.

The rewatch really didn’t have a big change for us. We didn’t like it the first time, we still didn’t like it this time. Although sitting through it a second time allowed us to notice small things like how sad the horses must be because the #horsefuture doesn’t seem very bright.

Thanks to our newest Meat Buddy Julie Heilman!


  1. Daph says:

    Uhhh… Alex, the new website is gorgeous, but am I blind (always possible!) or are we down a download button? :///

    1. Daph says:

      On second look I’m actually going to add – even if there’s a download button in there that I’m not seeing, you may want to change the look of the… streaming interface thingmajig? I’m sad to say that because I love the way it looks, but looking at old episodes (Veggie Tales made it very clear) I can see that when the picture is lighter colors/very busy, it makes it much harder to read the font – probably impossible for any listeners with eyesight issues. I feel like I’m shitting on your awesome new thing, but hopefully this is a minor design issue and it can affect the listener’s experience a lot. Other than that I really do love the new look…

      1. Alex Falcone says:

        First, unless there’s a bug and it’s not showing up, there should be a blue triangular button in the bottom right-hand corner of the big image that says “mp3” and has an image. Is that showing up?

        As for the fonts and stuff, I was worried about that but I think I’ve found a solution. I’ve faded the images a bit more on the episode pages to match the way they’re faded on the home page. What do you think? Better?

      2. Alex Falcone says:

        Oh, I just realized you might be on mobile. It must not show up there. I’ll figure something out.

        Can I ask why you download the mp3s? I’m never quite sure how people listen so I like hearing about how people interact with the show.

        1. Gzoref says:

          Shows up fine for me in mobile.

          1. Alex Falcone says:

            Yes! I fixed it. I’m the best.

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