RiaW #413: Fraggle Rock #TheRocktober


In the early 80s but with a heavy 70s hangover, Jim Henson and Home Box Office produced a kids show unlike any other. People live in the garage, Fraggles live in the wall, Doozers live among the Fraggles, and Gorgs outside the rocks. And somehow, they’re all dumb.

Most of us don’t have a big childhood dedication to Fraggle Rock but Amanda has lots to say about the superiority of the British version, and we¬†welcomed first time guest, comedian Phoebe Bottoms, who trained with Jim Henson as a Muppeteer! For real! Here she is posing with actual Fraggles:

Thank you for an epic #TheRocktober and we can’t wait to see you in #Crossovember!

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