Guest: Sarah Hatheway

RiaW #421: The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

feat Anthony Lopez, Sarah Hatheway, and Angela Webber

RiaW #417: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze

feat Alex Falcone, Anthony Lopez, Ezra Fox, Sarah Hatheway, and Stephen Carter. #Crossovember

RiaW #406: Exit to Eden (1994) SPONSTEMBER

A great movie if you like pain.

RiaW #401: Splash (1984) WET MONTH

Manatees: babes of the sea

RiaW #390: The Big Lebowski

Ezra’s guilty displeasure

RiaW #385: Planet Earth II

Four podcasters in their natural habitat.

RiaW #379: La La Land review

Every award ever can’t be wrong.

RiaW #376: The Young Pope reviewed

There’s a new pope now! Maybe a little too new?

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