RiaW #400: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer REVISIT

8 years and 399 episodes later we return to our original starting point.

RiaW #377: Heat (1995) review

Chris and Tanya do one last job

RiaW #372: New Year’s Eve (2011) review

All acquaintance with this movie should be forgot

RiaW #371: Merry Kissmass reviewed

Like a tiny clutch full of cold cuts.

RiaW #369: ThanksTalking

Our very first ever Friend Pile!

RiaW #368: Martha and Snoop Potluck Dinner Party

Let’s get drunk and stand around awkwardly.

RiaW #366: Westworld

Do sex robots bone electric sheep?

RiaW #365: The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump reviewed

More like the FART of the deal. Get it?

RiaW #363: Rocky IV review

Punched in the head repeatedly

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